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Discover the city of Naples through traditional songs and tales
Singing Naples guided tour | Musical performance site specific live | In-canto Tasting

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APS Napoli in-canto tour was born from the research of a musicologist and musician who aims to make known places and stories of the city through her singing.

Naples is song, the city of the Parthenope sirens and the Neapolitan Song, which goes from 1200 to the present day, is a constantly evolving heritage that deserves to be valued and told while it is often trivialized. We firmly believe that telling Naples and our region without living its song is equivalent to telling it halfway.

Each walk is the result of a study and a shared work where stories and places told are translated into music through a site specific performance, designed for the place itself.

Each walk is an experience, where the language of emotion prevails, a strongly inclusive language suitable for everyone, the language of music, and for this reason our tours are always open and accessible to everyone, including children and the disability they have. access for free.

Our goal is also to create the enchantment, because it arouses enchantment to bring music even in places that are few accessible to culture, we think of our dark alleys, where we often set our performances and where women and children and the people of the neighborhood participate, so the Our Mission is accomplished by firmly believing that Culture belongs to everyone, no one excluded.

Like the mermaid Partenope we will accompany you through the song to its discovery ...

You are ready?

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Mariangela Baldoni

Class 84 ', president of the Napoli tour in-canto association, born in 2019 and creator of experiential tours where music, places and stories come together. Graduated in opera singing in 2011 at the Conservatory of Salerno, graduated in Musicology at the DAMS in Rome, winner of the City of Paola and Donna Elvira Competition in 2009 at the Teatro Comunale, she participated in the same year in numerous cultural events as a solo opera singer: Giffoni film festival and festival of Ravello, debuts as Donna Elvira in the Mozart and Fiordiligi opera in 2011 at the Pergolesi Spontini Theater in Jesi where she is the winner of a one-year training scholarship, then decides to return to her origins and returns to Naples after years around Italy attending Masters with the greatest Italian opera voices from Scotto to Ricciarelli, he attended an Ancient Music course with Maestro Antonio Florio studying the repertoire of the Neapolitan school.

In 2013 he moved to Ferrara where he attended the specialization in hospital music therapy in rehabilitation at the Frescobaldi Conservatory, specializing in 2015.

He works as a Music Therapist at the San Giorgio Hospital in Ferrara, at the ASP city of Bologna and at the ANFASS.

Always close to the Didactics of the Voice and the use of the natural voice, she attends a course on music teaching for the 0-6 age group and carries out workshops in the schools of Music in bands, with her specialization in Music Therapy she closes her training with a thesis on the voice in therapy and in the helping relationship.

He worked as a Music Therapist at the Foqus Foundation taking care of the ARGO project and in 2016 showing his Laboratory to President Boldrini visiting the institute and currently works at the Volla ASL and carries out his profession privately.

Since 2016, the year of his definitive return to his beloved city, he has been developing walks in collaboration with other professionals in which his voice, his study of the repertoire and all his skills are combined with the narrated language and places of his city, creating experiential tours and inclusive and accessible to disability nurturing notable awards, the patronage of the Municipality and the Mayor Luigi De Magistris and a message of esteem from the wonderful Isa Danieli, both guests on some of his walks, obviously singing.


Our Private Tours can be booked online, it is also possible to request a personalized in-canto tour, you can choose a place you want to visit, a theme of Naples that you want to deepen or you can choose a musical era or a musical genre and we'll take care of the rest.


What does the tour include?











Mandolinist and multi-instrumentalist, despite his young age he is part of several bands: Ars

Nova, duo Malandro, Strada Ketalos and other groups.

He attends the third year of Mandolin at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory, who has always been passionate about music

ethnic and instruments from the world, he plays from the kora to the charango to the most varied percussions.




Authorized tour guide of the Campania Region, with a degree in Political Science. Has

an eclectic profile that has allowed her to work both for the social sector (Cooperative LESS) and for promotion

of culture. As a guide, he tends to favor work experiences that connect different people

artistic realities and a sustainable and content concept of tourism that goes towards sustainable tourism.



Emerging photographer born in 1990, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, completes her training at the CSI with the photographer Mario Spada and participates in Antonio Biasiucci's OpenHeart working on the “29CFU” project on display in 2019 at Villa Pignatelli.




Palestinian director who worked for the making of TV series in Palestine, a documentary about China, he worked for Palestinian TV. He is in Naples for a video production project in collaboration with the Gesco cooperative. He made the short film Can you see me on the Palestinian question which was awarded as best short by the Lebanese International Film Festival of Tire.




Responsible tourism expert.

Humanities background, transversal skills and interests. He soon began to deal with journalism with collaborations mainly in print and radio. He approaches responsible tourism 6 years ago where he deals with travel planning and community development projects.




She was born and raised in Naples, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples where she graduated in Painting and Graphics

of art and embarked on her path as an illustrator.

Her passion for drawing and stories, love for her city and its traditions have led her to engage in a series of projects aimed at promoting Campania's artistic and cultural heritage, taking part in the project.

E-book memory on symbolic places and / or characters of the five Provinces of Campania.

Dicono di noi


"unique and powerful phenomenon, the neomelodica is the daughter of popular neighborhoods, faithful to the Neapolitan tradition but capable of absorbing every novelty, including rap, hip hop and trap, with which it shares language (simple and direct) and geographies (peripheral). A journey in space and time to discover the sonic roots of a city that has always sung in its own way. "  

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